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How to become a member and terms of membership

Members of the EMDR Association in the Republic of North Macedonia can be psychotherapists (psychologists and psychiatrists), who have participated in at least one EMDR training recognized by the EMDR European Association, including supervision.

Membership of the Association is carried out by submitting a request for application to the person applying for membership (hereinafter referred to as a member) and submitting the necessary information and evidence of completed education and training as well as all other information that the Management Board deems appropriate to request.

Admission to membership is approved by the Management Board through a majority of votes, with the obligation to motivate the members who refused.

Membership of the Association is carried out with a membership card, i.e. with the issuance of a membership card, which, upon exclusion or termination of membership in the Association, must be returned by signing a personal written statement.

The EMDR Association maintains a membership register for its members which is updated once a year. The data from the register is protected in accordance with the regulations for the protection of personal data and classified information.

The fulfillment of the members’ rights and participation in social activities are subject to the actual payment of the annual membership fee determined on an annual basis by the Board of Directors, for each category of members, as well as for other expenses within the terms determined by the Board of Directors.

Other membership benefits:

  • Membership of EMDR Europe
  • Participation in the annual conference
  • Regular information about events and congresses
  • Journals available from EMDR Europe
  • Updated information on new developments in EMDR in trauma-focused therapy
  • Support for national and international networking